Seasonal preparation for teams

We are specialists in training teams of any level, helping them define and accomplish their goals. It is for that precise reason that, year after year, teams from countries as varied as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and United Kingdom rely on us.
Thank to this fact we have been able to reach and maintain our customers satisfied and looking forward to enjoy our instalations and trainings once again.

Our working style is based upon the bond and trust between student and teacher. We prepare and control all aspects of the sessions, always respecting and trying to follow our student’s wishes, giving him the proper guidelines and indications for him to be able to progress in game but at the same time letting him express his view.

In the case of needing more than one coach for one team (parallel training) we ask you to contact us directly at our email to clarify any doubt about it.

For all other inquiries and reservations we ask you to contact us directly at our email and we will try our best at solving any issue with the utmost brevity.

Naturally, courts can also be rented freely without the need of hiring a coach.

Physical conditioning

Often, players underestimate the importance of a good physical condition. Making this mistake is very severe towards the player's progression and his effectiveness in game. It is essential to prevent injuries. A better physical condition helps players in learning and executing their technique. That is why in our academy we offer physical preparation specialised to tennis.

Our physical trainer, Pablo Giampaoli, will be pleased to offer our players the help they need to continue developing in the field.