Single and group training

At our tennis academy we offer you a customised and professional training, adapting it to any type of player, with his respective levels and personal goals. We offer children and adult classes, and children and adult groups of all ages and levels. We also offer sparring sessions aimed at more advanced players who prefer to spare and/or play games.

As we have already mentioned, we plant no limit in regards to level. We are prepared for professional and casual players and even people who have never tried this beautiful sport before.

We guarantee with total confidence that in a total number of three classes, you will be able to master the basic tennis hits (forehand, backhand and serve). However, and as is natural, a greater number of sessions will allow more time to focus on all shot and aspects of tennis, making a broader learning process. That is why we ease their access by decreasing the price the more sessions are requested.

We assure you with certainty that by only taking one session you will want more and be looking forward to continue learning.

Physical conditioning

Often, players underestimate the importance of a good physical condition. Making this mistake is very severe towards the player's progression and his effectiveness in game. It is essential to prevent injuries. A better physical condition helps players in learning and executing their technique. That is why in our academy we offer physical preparation specialised to tennis.

Our physical trainer, Pablo Giampaoli, is pleased to offer our players the help they need to continue developing in the field.

Player sponsorship

We prepare players between ages 8 to 14 for a professional tennis career. This offer is available throughout the whole year.

As a tennis academy we want to provide help to those players who aim to take a step further into their tennis career. This path can often pose difficult, challenging and requires many sacrifices until reaching the desired goal.

Unfortunately, the financial aspect is not always in favor of all those who need the necessary means, and that is why we try through our help to encourage all those players who want to prove their value.

For this we offer the following:

  • Daily 8-hour-long sessions, including physical conditioning

  • Coaches specialised in their respective areas

  • Interaction with players of similar level

  • Transport within Majorca

  • Coach support in matches

Based on the means we offer, we demand players to cover the following:

  • Living cost

  • Nurturing cost

  • Possession of basic equipment for the practice of the sport

  • Tournaments inscription cost

  • Transport and stay cost outside of Majorca

We ask for the predisposition to competitive play, discipline, and an energetic and positive attitude towards training.

Tennis packages

We offer the possibility to book a tennis package (which includes tennis and fitness training) to spend 3, 7 or even more days with us.

If you are interested or have questions about availability, prices or any related matter, simply contact us at our e-mail: We will answer to you as fast as possible.

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